Take advantage of a combi boiler pay monthly scheme

Take advantage of a combi boiler pay monthly scheme

There are many boiler payment plans available to help people to replace their boilers which offer customers a great opportunity to replace a broken or inefficient boiler with a new and more energy efficient boiler that will save them money.

Why choose a new combi boiler pay monthly plan?

By selecting a pay monthly combi boiler plan, you can pay for the boiler as you receive the benefit from a new energy efficient boiler. Not only will you be able to pay for the boiler in manageable instalments but the savings you make on your energy bills from switching to a more efficient boiler could contribute to the monthly instalments. If your boiler is over five years old, it is likely to be inefficient and if your boiler is rated D-G you could save you up to £30 per month and some boilers can cost as little as £20 per month in repayment amounts. So, in effect, you are paying for your boiler through the savings you make.

Why select a combi boiler over a regular boiler?

The choice of boiler type is down to personal preference and household requirements for hot water. A combi boiler heats the hot water as well as central heating instantaneously, so you do not need to store hot water in a cylinder.

A regular or conventional boiler has a separate hot water tank where hot water is heated by the boiler first before it is stored in the tank and then kept to temperature. Depending on your hot water usage this can be an expensive and inefficient way to heat your hot water as it requires the whole tank to be heated.

A combi boiler has the advantage of being less expensive to install and heats water when needed which can make them cheaper to run depending on your home’s hot water needs. They do not require a separate hot water tank, so they also take up less room. Combi boilers are also condensing boilers and are very efficient boilers that can significantly reduce your energy bills.

How to choose the right boiler

Choosing the right boiler can be confusing but a qualified engineer can help guide you through the options and assess your needs to help you choose the most suitable boiler for your circumstances.

The boiler payment plan will offer a variety of boilers which will give you the option to select which boiler you want. They will also allow you to select the controls you want so that you can better control how and when your home is heated. Adding heating controls not only allows more effective control of your heating but it can also help reduce your energy consumption and therefore reduce your energy bills.

Finding the right offer and installer

If you like the sound of a new more efficient boiler that could save you money but you do not know where to look next, then click on our quote button to enquire and we will get you three no-obligation quotes from local installers. These quotes will be tailored to your needs and will be from Gas Safe qualified installers that work in your area.

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