How does a gas boiler payment plan work?

How does a gas boiler payment plan work?

If you have never looked into a gas boiler payment plan as a method to fund your replacement boiler then it is time to think about it as it offers a great way of paying for a new boiler without the upfront cost.

What does a pay monthly boiler plan involve?

A boiler purchased through a monthly payment plan is no different to any other instalment plan including paying for insurance in monthly instalments. A boiler payment plan allows you to enjoy a new boiler whilst you pay for it.

The installer will assess your needs first and advise you which boiler to install and arrange manageable monthly repayments. 0% interest rates on some schemes and repayment amounts can be as low as £20 per month. Once you have selected a boiler the installer will arrange the installation and boiler plan for you.

What boiler can you get?

You can generally select whichever boiler you want whether that is a combi boiler that has no separate hot water tank or a regular boiler that does have a hot water tank. There are specific plans such as pay monthly combi boiler plans that will allow you to access finance to fund a new boiler.

If you do not know what type of boiler you want the installer will help you decide by looking at your needs and seeing which boiler might suit your circumstances best. But whichever boiler you chose you can have peace of mind that the boiler will be an A rated energy efficient boiler.

What are the benefits of a pay monthly boiler plan?

The biggest advantage of a monthly boiler plan is that you can live in a warmer home with a boiler that is reliable and cheaper to run. And not only will the payments be manageable amounts that are tailored to your budget but the savings that you make can contribute or pay for the new boiler. If you have an old and inefficient boiler that is D-G rated, then you could save up to £30 per month on your energy bills by replacing your boiler. And with boiler plans starting at £20 per month you may not even notice the difference in your outgoings. There are no upfront or minimal upfront cost on the plan which makes it easy and stress free if your boiler breaks down unexpectedly.

All replacement boilers are very efficient boilers that come with a 10-year manufacturer warranty, so you may not need to have boiler cover but you will still have peace of mind that your boiler is covered if it breaks down.

How to find the right installer

We can help you find the right installer and boiler for your home through our useful quoting tool which takes a few minutes to complete and you will receive three no-obligation quotes.

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