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Free boiler grants – ECO Affordable Warmth Free Boiler Scheme

Free Boiler Application

Free Boiler Application

Free boiler replacement grants scheme 2017

Government subsidy grants for free boiler replacement are still available throughout the UK as part of a drive to lower heating bills and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

If you are a home owner, private tenant or landlord and your existing boiler is old or inefficient your property  may qualify for a 100% free grant to replace your gas boiler.

To find out if you qualify for a free boiler fill in the form below. If you and your property qualify a member of our team will contact you to begin the easy boiler grant application process.

Free boilers UK have helped 1000’s of households in the UK lower their heating bills by processing applications for Government free boiler grants.

Through our network of Gas Safe heating engineers we can provide you with a no hassle journey through the whole boiler grant application, survey and installation process.

If you qualify for a free boiler we will contact you to verify the details you entered regarding your property , existing heating and benefit status.

Once your details have been verified we will only then pass your details on to a verified local boiler installation company who have access to free Government funding.

Your local boiler company will guide you through the free boiler grant application and installation process. You can expect your new boiler to be fitted within 4 – 6 weeks.

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Free boiler grant scheme
Free Boiler Grants

Free Boilers

Combination (Combi) Boilers

Combi Boilers are the most common choice of domestic heating boiler in the UK

Combi Boiler Payment Plans
Combi Boiler Payment Plan – pay monthly for a new A rated combi boiler

New combi boiler payment plans

Get a new combi boiler and pay for it with manageable monthly installments.

Boiler payment plans are becoming very popular in the UK. With no large upfront payment you can pay for a new boiler from the savings you make by reducing your heating bills.

In addition your new boiler will come with a warranty so you can cancel your existing boiler plan and make more savings.

Advantages of a combi boiler

  • Installing a combi boiler saves energy and reduces carbon dioxide emissions because its efficient heating design enables you to only heat the amount of water that you need
  • Combi boilers are more compact and aesthetically pleasing as they can be placed in cupboards or smaller storage spaces.
  • Choosing a combi boiler means there is no need for water storage tank or hot water cylinder

Through our network of approved local installers we can get you 3 no obligation quotes for a new A rated boiler. Then you choose the best price. Simple.

Cost of a new boiler




Find out more about tankless combi boilers and combi boiler pay monthly finance

Free Boilers


Free boiler grant scheme

Non-repayable funding for free boilers is available in England, Scotland and Wales through a Government-led home improvement grant scheme.

ECO grants provide replacement gas boilers and insulation for home owners & private tenants on a low income.

ECO is a UK Government backed program aimed at tackling carbon emissions and reducing  energy bills by replacing old & inefficient gas boilers with condensing boilers free of charge..

Do I qualify for a free boiler?

The ECO grant scheme is designed to help low income household who are deemed to live in “fuel poverty.”

To qualify your existing boiler must be over 8 years old and have an energy rating between E and G.

In addition one of the occupants of the household claims any of the following –


  • Pension Guarantee Credit
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Income Support

There are  no supplementary requirements for any of the above

Tax Credits and Universal Credits

If you don’t get any of the above but you receive tax credits or Universal Credit you may still qualify for a free boiler or home insulation. The table below outlines the benefit and income threshold for each.

Household Tax Credits
Gross income 
Universal Credit
Monthly Income
1 adult    £13,200    £1,100
1 child £17,400 £1,450
2 children £21,600 £1,800
3 children £25,800 £2,150
4+ children £30,000 £2,500
2 adults    £19,800    £1,650
1 child £24,000 £2,000
2 children £28,200 £2,350
3 children £32,400 £2,700
4+ children £36,600 £3,050

 Benefits of replacing an old boiler

A new boiler can cost up to £2000 – £3000 including fitting. Under the ECO grant scheme any installs are normally fitted free of charge.

Furthermore a new condensing boiler can mean substantial monthly savings on energy bills because of its efficient design. This type of boiler preheats water using waste heat so it costs less to heat your water and radiators.

Annual savings
The amount of savings you can make by claiming a Government boiler grant depend on the age and efficiency of your existing boiler & heating system. The figures table below outlines average savings that can be made in a home heated by gas central heating.

Old boiler rating Semi detached house Detached house Mid terrace house Mid flat
G ( < 70%) £340 £570 £280 £145
F (70–74%) £255 £430 £210 £105
E (74–78%) £215 £360 £175 £90
D (78–82%) £175 £300 £145 £70
These are estimated figures based on installing a new A-rated condensing boiler with a programmer, room thermostat and thermostatic radiator controls (TRVs) in a gas-heated home from an older boiler without controls. Savings will vary depending on the size and thermal performance of your home. Energy Savings Trust.

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What if I don’t qualify?

If you don’t qualify for an ECO grant you may still be able to help to pay for a new boiler via a boiler payment plan. Installers are now offering new combi boilers on a “pay monthly” basis.

This works the same as any other home improvement loan where there will be a variety of finance options to choose from to suit your budget.

This type of plan is perfect if you can’t afford to pay for a new boiler in one go. The savings you make each month by reducing your heating bills normally covers most of the cost of your new boiler.


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