Vaillant Combi Boilers

Vaillant combi Boilers
Vaillant Boilers are a leading combi boiler manufacturer

Vaillant UK are part of the international Vaillant Group are a worldwide brand. They are a world leading combi boiler manufacturer and have been at the forefront of heating solutions for over 140 years.

Buying a Vaillant Combi Boiler

When installing a new you can choose to pay the cost of installation upfront or take advantage of the new boiler payment plans that are becoming increasingly popular in the United Kingdom.

Buying a new boiler upfront
If you want to pay for your new combi boiler in one go we can help you get the best price  by putting you in touch with 3 independent & approved local boiler installers.

Each will provide you with a no obligation quote for a combi boiler.  Then you can choose the best price.

This is a free service and there is no obligation to continue with any boiler quotation.

Cost of a new boiler

Get a Vaillant combi boiler on a monthly payment plan

If the cost of paying for a new boiler is not within your budget there is a new way of getting a new boiler which is now popular in the UK. The cost of a new  boiler can now be spread over months or years with a boiler payment plan or finance plan.

Pay monthly boiler finance plans

By using this method you will see the benefits immediately by lowering your energy bills. A new boiler can save you up to £30 each month towards the cost of a new boiler.

Boiler payment plans start at around £20 per month so you may actually be better off after your new boiler is installed.

We can put you in touch with 3 suppliers who will give you no obligation quotes for monthly payment plans.
Boiler finance monthly

Vaillant combi boiler range

Vaillant ecotec combi boiler
Vaillant ecotec iq combi boiler
  • ecotec Green IQ 835, 837
  • Suitable for larger homes
  • Extra-condense heat exchanger
  • High power, 43kW output model available
  • 7 year warranty available with options
  • Up to ten years warranty when registered by an Advance installer

Ecotec Vaillant Plus Combi
Ecotec Vaillant Plus Combi
  • 25, 32, 35 and 38kW outputs
  • Which? best buy awarded
  • Easy to use and stylish design
  • LPG models available for off gas grid
  • A rated
  • 7 year warranty available with options
  • Up to 10 years when registered by an Advance installer

Vaillant ECO Fit Combi Boiler
Vaillant ECO Fit Combi Boiler
  • 825, 830 and 835 outputs
  • Compact, fits in cupboards
  • Top and rear flue options
  • Aluminium heat exchanger
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • 7 year warranty available with options
  • Up to 10 years when registered by an Advance installer
Get a free Vaillant Boiler

The Government ECO free  boiler grant scheme provides access to  funding for low income families. If you claim benefits or tax credits you may qualify for a free boiler.

The full eligibility for the ECO scheme can be found here – free boiler  grants.


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