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New combi boiler installation

The most popular type of domestic gas central heating boiler in the UK. How much does it cost to install new combi boiler?

How much does a combi boiler cost?

The cost of a new combi boiler can vary depending on boiler brand and kw output, property size, and how much the installer charges for fitting.

Generally you should be paying around £1500-£2000 for a mid range combi boiler.  This price should include boiler installation. However there may be extra costs if you need new pipework, rewiring or you prefer to move your boiler to a new location within your property.

Install new combi boiler
in the same location
£2000 1 day
Install new combi boiler in a new location £2500 1- 2 days
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Choosing the right boiler

Before buying a new combi you there are several things you should check (in addition to the price of the new boiler and any installation costs).

  • Is your new boiler a condensing boiler? This type of functionality is mandatory for any new boiler installations in the UK as they are more energy efficient
  • Will heating controls / room thermostat come as standard?
  • kw output of  new combi boiler – the power output of a boiler is measured in kw (kilowatts).  A larger boiler will cost more than one with a lower kw output

The table below lists the size of boiler and typical kw output needed to heat water and radiators within different property types.

Flat / Smaller House Up to 10 24kw
3-4 Bedroom House 15 30kw
Large Detached 20+ 35kw – 42kw
Approximate kw output required

Paying monthly with a combi boiler finance plan

The price of a new boiler can be too expensive for most of us to pay in one go.  However many families are taking advantage of a new method of replacing their old boilers.

Many suppliers have introduced pay monthly boiler plans which allow you to spread the cost of a new central heating system into smaller installments each month.

How do boiler finance plans work?

Subject to qualification you can have a new combi boiler installed with no upfront cost.  Monthly payments are made from the energy you save after your new combi boiler is installed.

A new A rated  boiler means  savings of around £30 per month in the average size family home. This means that your new boiler starts paying for itself right away.

Furthermore, if you choose a longer warranty any boiler cover plan you have will not be needed. This means more savings each year. Your new system can end up paying for itself.

  • flexible finance plans to suit your budget
  • small monthly payments
  • A rated condensing combi boiler
  • No deposit options
  • warranty included
  • No boiler cover required
  • New combi boiler from £20 PER MONTH

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Cost of a new boiler

Why should I replace my boiler?

It is estimated that during winter months your heating accounts for up to 60% of your energy bills. Therefore it is important that your boiler is heating your home at the lowest possible cost.

Many old boilers have a low energy rating . As a result you may be paying far more than you have to for your hot water and central heating.

Replacing your old one with a new boiler can mean savings of approximately £300 per year in the average UK home. That equates to £25 per month towards the cost of a new boiler.

Furthermore, a new combi boiler will come with a warranty of up to ten years. Therefore any boiler cover plan you currently have will not be needed. This means more savings on energy costs.

What is a combi boiler and how does it work?

A combi boiler is a central heating boiler and a water heater combined into one. It heats water for your  taps and radiators without the need for a storage tank.

This means overall they are more energy efficient than regular boilers because they provide instant hot water on an “as required” basis. As a result there’s no need to heat up a  whole hot water cylinder when you only want to use a little.

Combi boilers are also popular because they are more compact than other boiler types. Conventional gas boilers require extra storage space in your loft or cupboard.

The diagram below provides a simplified example of how a combi boiler generates hot water for your taps or central heating system.

New Combi Boiler Diagram - How a Combination (Combi) Boiler Works
Installing a new combi boiler
  • Cold water enters the combi boiler via the mains tap (Note there is no  water storage tank)
  • A sensor detects that heat is required and the burner inside the boiler is fired up
  • The cold water is passed through a heat exchanger and reaches the required temperature
  • Hot water is fed to your tap from the boiler

Advantages of a combi boiler

  • Energy efficient
  • Lowers carbon dioxide emissions
  • Only heat the amount of water that you need
  • Compact and aesthetically pleasing as they can be placed in cupboards or smaller storage spaces
  • No need for water storage tank or hot water cylinder

 Popular boiler brands

Free boiler grant scheme

If you live in a low income household you may still qualify for a free boiler.  The Energy Company Obligation runs until the Autumn of 2018.

ECO is a Government-led energy efficiency scheme that provides funding to help families on benefits or tax credits with home improvement measures.

If you are eligible you may qualify for a brand new A rated boiler free of charge. Find out if you qualify for an ECO boiler grant >>

What our visitors say

“The cost of paying for a new boiler in one go was outwith my budget. Smaller monthly payments was much easier and i ended up no worse off due to the reduction in my energy bills”

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