Combi Boiler Payment Plan

Combi Boiler Plamns
Combi boiler payment plans allow you to pay monthly for a new A rated boiler

New combi boiler monthly payment plans

Need a new combi boiler but a one off payment is outwith your budget?

Most suppliers are now  offering new boiler installations on a monthly payment basis.  This means that you can get a new boiler and pay for it with the savings you make on your energy bills.

How does it work?

All boilers installed in homes in the UK must be condensing gas boilers. This type of system is more efficient because it preheats your cold water with exhaust fumes from your boiler’s flue via a heat exchanger before it enters the burner.

It is estimated that heating bills in the average home can be reduced by around £25 per month by installing this type of boiler. This can be costed against the payments for a new combi boiler.  So your new one starts paying for itself right away.

Get rid of your boiler cover plan

If you choose the right deal from a new boiler supplier you can cancel any boiler cover you currently have if you get a long warranty. A boiler cover plan normally costs around £12 – £20 per month.

This can also be put towards the monthly cost of a new combi boiler and you can end up paying less than you do now.

Boilers UK can find out the best deals on combi boilers in your area. We can put you in touch with 3 approved local installers who will give you three separate no obligation quotes for a combi boiler of your choice on a monthly payment plan. You then choose the best deal.

Cost of a new boiler