Boiler Payment FAQ’s

Pay Monthly Boilers & Free Boilers

Confused by the current boiler finance plans, free boiler schemes, ECO boiler grant schemes, Green Deal Finance, replacement boiler schemes, boiler scrappage, boiler replacement and boiler upgrade schemes currently on offer in the UK?

Hopefully this will clear things up a little.

There are currently two main options for replacing your central heating boiler, if you have mains gas central heating.  An ECO Free Boiler Grant or a  Pay Monthly Boiler Finance Plan

ECO free boiler scheme

The Energy Companies Obligation – or ECO, as it is better known, still provides free boilers and home insulation products. This scheme is for those in more vulnerable sections of society and you have to meet certain benefit / low income requirements to qualify.

Free ECO boiler grant qualification criteria

Pay Monthly Boiler Finance

Boiler Finance  have only recently become available in 2014. There are many deals on new boilers from a variety of suppliers and boiler manufacturers and it can appear quite confusing as to which offer to go for.

All of the boiler payment plans are part of the same scheme and it is really down to individual choice.

All gas boilers installed in the UK must be A-grade condensing boilers which have an efficiency level of over 90%

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What type of boiler will I get if I apply for a boiler  monthly finance plan?

Any new boiler fitted either via one of the Boiler Finance options or as part of the Free Boiler ECO Grant Scheme will be  from one of the UK’s leading boiler manufactures or suppliers – Vaillant, Glow Worm, Baxi Boilers, Ideal Logic etc.

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