Boiler Payment Plans

Boiler Payment Plan
Boiler payment plans – pay for a new boiler replacement with a monthly plan

Replace your boiler with a boiler payment plan and pay in monthly installments.

Are you are looking to replace your gas boiler but paying for a new one is not within your budget? Suppliers are now offering new boiler payment plans which allow you to spread the cost of boiler installation into manageable monthly installments.

How does a boiler payment plan work?

Paying monthly for a new boiler  works on the same basis as any home improvement loan. However the money you save by reducing your energy bills and cancelling any current  boiler cover you have means that your new boiler will effectively pay for itself from day one.

For example – replacing an old or inefficient boiler with a new A rated module normally saves around £300 per year in the average home in the UK. That amounts to £25 a month towards the cost of your new efficient boiler.

In addition you are probably paying somewhere in the region of £15 – £20 per month for boiler cover or as part of a maintenance plan. If you choose the right warranty you may actually be paying less on a monthly boiler plan than you are for your existing heating.

  • No large upfront payment
  • Flexible boiler plans
  • New A rated  energy efficient boiler
  • Pay monthly from your energy savings

How much can I save with a payment scheme?

The table below shows the typical savings per year if you have a new A rated gas condensing boiler installed in your home.

The larger your property is the more you can benefit from purchasing a new boiler on a pay monthly plan.

Boiler Type Boiler
Flat Semi-detached Detached
Condensing A Grade Boiler 99%  £186  £270 £368
Heavy weight 55%  £308  £458  £634
Light weight 65%  £266 £393  £542
Typical savings by property type – A rated condensing boiler

Boilers UK have a wide network of installers across the United Kingdom who can offer the best  deals on no deposit and low deposit boiler plans for combi boilers and regular gas boilers.
Let us take care of the hard work for you by finding the best offers in your area. We can put you in touch with 3 approved local installers who will give you a no obligation quote for a boiler on a monthly payment plan. Then you chose the best price.

  • 3 No obligation quotes from Gas Safe approved local installers
  • flexible deposit and  finance plans
  • a range of warranty options
  • no large financial outlay
  • Tailored payment plans

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