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The cost of a new boiler

Powering your boiler and central heating system efficiently is one of the most important factors of home life. The cost of a new boiler can also be expensive if you don’t get sound advice. Here we provide a few tips to help you choose the best boiler at the right price.

How much will a new boiler cost?

Whatever way you look at it a new boiler is going to cost you money. However if you’re careful and do it the right way you can make sure that you don’t pay any more than you have to.

If you use one of the larger energy companies like British Gas you may be charged over the odds for the cost of a new boiler.

It is important to shop around and check what deals and offers are available in your area. Many local installers now offer a variety of low interest finance options which can mean a substantial reduction in the cost of getting a new boiler fitted.

How much should I expect to pay?
The price of getting a new boiler installed depends on the size and type of your property. Boilers come in a range of sizes. The kw output of a gas boiler needed to heat a 5 bedroom detached house will not be needed to heat a one bedroom flat for example.

Therefore it is best to get advice from a Gas Safe approved engineer who will advise you on  the type of boiler required to heat your home and any additional pipes / wiring work that may be required.

Choosing the right boiler

Choosing a new  boiler for your home normally boils down to a choice between a regular boiler or a combi boiler .  They both function in different ways. The type of boiler most suited to your home will depend on a number of factors including

  • type and size of property
  • number of bathrooms
  • hot water usage levels

Conventional boilers

A regular or conventional boiler stores hot water in a storage tank or cylinder (normally in your  loft or  cupboard) which then provides water for your hot taps and radiators.

They normally come with an electric immersion heater and if your boiler system is older, the chances are that it will be this type.

Conventional boiler systems require storage space and can be inconvenient as you have to heat up all the water in the tank even if you only need to use a small amount.

This can be quite expensive – as much as 65% of energy costs are used to heat your boiler for hot water or your radiators.  Excessive energy usage is also  damaging to the environment in terms of carbon emission output levels.

Advantages of a regular boiler

  • Suitable for larger properties
  • Hot water available from multiple taps
Approx cost OF mid range boiler Time
Install new regular boiler
in the same location
£1800 1 day
Install  regular boiler in a new location £2100 1- 2 days
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Combi Boilers

A combi boiler is combination of a hot water heater and a central heating system.

This type provides on demand hot water for your taps and to heat your radiators without the need for a water storage tank.

Combi boilers require less space to install and are currently the most popular gas boiler choice in the UK.

Advantages of a combi boiler

  • costs less to install
  • heats water on demand
  • no storage tank needed
  • more energy efficient
  • More on combi boilers 
Approx cost OF mid range boiler Time
Install new combi boiler
in the same location
£2000 1 day
Install new combi boiler in a new location £2500 1- 2 days
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Get a new boiler on monthly finance

If you don’t have the funds available to pay for a new boiler up front you may prefer to spread the cost of installation with a monthly finance plan. This new method of payment is popular in the UK.

How does it work?

  • new boiler installed with no large upfront payment
  • manageable monthly installments
  • 0% interest rates available.
  • a new A rated boiler saves an average of £30  per month off energy bills
  • improved energy rating
  • boiler warranty included
  • no boiler cover required

Most boiler installers now offer pay monthly finance plans.  This method of payment means no large upfront cost for installation.

You can choose a suitable finance option to suit your budget with 0 deposit and 0% interest rates available from most boiler installers.

A new efficient boiler normally means energy savings of around £30 per month.  New boiler finance costs start at £20 PER MONTH. This means that your new boiler starts paying for itself right away.

In addition to lower heating bills you can save more money by scrapping any boiler cover you may have as your new heating system will be fitted with a manufacturer’s warranty of up to ten years.

British gas boiler cover can cost around £12-£18 per month so you may end up paying less to have a new boiler installed.

Get three no obligation quotes from individual installers for a new boiler on a pay monthly basis.
Cost of a new boiler

Condensing Gas Boilers

Condensing boiler diagram
Condensing boiler diagram

Both combi or conventional boilers can have condensing functionality. Condensing boilers function at extremely high efficiency levels because of their design.

A condensing boiler partially heats cold water before it enters the burner by means of a heat exchanger.

Technically  a thermal transfer of heat occurs from the exchanger to the water, warming it up before it reaches the boiler.

The water is already warm so takes much less time to heat your home. This uses less energy and your boiler costs are reduced.

By law, all new boilers installed in the UK now have to be the condensing type.

Advantages of a condensing boiler

  • reduces carbon emissions
  • energy efficient
  • preheats your water
  • if integrated with heating controls it can substantially lower the cost of energy usage
  • more on condensing boilers
 Energy Efficiency

The diagram shows the range of traditional energy grades for conventional boilers and central heating systems.

Energy Performance Certificate
Energy Performance Certificate

The body which determines a boiler’s energy efficiency rating in the UK is SEDBUK (Season Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK).

All gas condensing boilers function at over 90% efficiency, This is also the mandatory level for any new boiler installed in the UK.

Boiler ratings are assessed  by a domestic energy assessor. Boiler and central heating  contributes to the overall energy performance of your property and is included in any Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) or Report.
Efficiency is measured as a percentage although the European Grading method (A-G according to energy usage performance) is also often included for consistency.

The energy efficiency of gas boilers is assessed on a variety of factors including –

  • Seasonal conditions
  • Heating usage patterns
  • Housing occupancy at the time of installation
  • Boiler storage conditions
  • Boiler Location
  • Boiler insulation

Other factors deemed to affect the energy efficiency of boilers such as climate and the age of a boiler are also taken into account when assessing a boiler’s performance.

The rating system is designed to be a fair and accurate method of determining boiler efficiency, regardless of manufacturer.

 Energy savings

Want to know how much you can save each year by replacing your boiler? The table below lists the average annual savings by property type when you upgrade to a more efficient boiler.

Larger homes will benefit more from reduced energy bills after installing a cost effective high efficiency boiler.

Boiler Type Boiler
Flat Semi-detached Detached
Condensing A Grade Boiler 99%  £186  £270 £368
Heavy weight 55%  £308  £458  £634
Light weight 65%  £266 £393  £542
Comparison of typical A rated condensing boiler compared to older less efficient boilers in average properties
Free boiler grant scheme

Some low income households can access Government funding to help improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

The ECO free boiler scheme provides non-repayable grants for families who claim certain benefits or tax credits

The scheme is funded by the UK major energy companies and is part of a UK Government initiative  to lower carbon dioxide emissions. The full eligibility criteria can be found here – free boiler scheme.

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